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Windsong Village is a senior rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility that is family owned and operated.  We have successfully met the needs of patients in Pearland and surrounding areas for almost four decades.  We are proud to have a core staff that has been with Windsong for more than ten years. We believe this, joined with on-sight management of daily activities, allows us to provide the continuity of care that patients and their families deserve.

Windsong Village offers rehabilitation services, skilled nursing, and long term care.  In addition to excellent medical care, our patients and their families will benefit from social, emotional and spiritual support. We provide daily individual and group activities, which aid in physical AND emotional well being.


Windsong Village realizes the key role families and care givers play in a patients’ recovery. With this in mind, we provide weekly updates, education and training for patient care, mobility and home transitions. In addition, we provide weekly progress notes and conduct monthly meetings with physicians.


Our team is vested in the care and wellness of our patients.  We strive to help our patients achieve their greatest level of independence, enhance their quality of life, and make “our house” their home. We invite you to tour our newly remodeled center to see our rehabilitation, skilled nursing and long term care capabilities and accommodations.



We appreciate your consideration and look forward to welcoming you!

Skill, Experience, Dedication

Although the use of best practices and the latest in tools and technology play a big part in ensuring that the Care and Love we provide meet your objectives, it's really the skills, experience and dedication of our people to customer service that bring real value to your organization.

 Innovation Solves the Complex Issues

Our Doctors, Nurses, Consultants, and facilty are all empowered to find creative solutions to your most complex issues and are able to leverage our position of strength in the marketplace to make decisions that benefit you. This front-line team is supported by a highly motivated group of experienced staff that are dedicated to customer service and ensuring that you get maximum benefit from your Windsong Village.

 Customer-Focused Professionals

Our ability to attract and retain high-quality people is the foundation upon which our customer relationships are built. Our customer-focused approach ensures that you will consistently work with a dedicated group of professionals who understand your business objectives and how to ensure that those objectives are met.

 Committed to You

We enjoy what we do at Windsong Village. By investing heavily in training and encouraging initiative, we've built a highly committed workforce - people who will be here to serve you for years to come.